Why join?

In addition to educational seminars and field trips, membership in the DCCBG offers the opportunity to join a network of the top bartenders and beverage professionals in the DC region.

It is our goal to help improve the knowledge and abilities of all our members and as an organization well regarded for doing just that, we are also the first place many bars and restaurants turn to when looking to hire new bar staff. So to recap; join the DCCBG, learn things, have fun, get a better job.

Do I need to be a "mixologist" to join?

No! In fact many of our members aren't really sure what a mixologist is. But you should be a bartender with at least 2 years of experience in the restaurant industry, with a passion for the craft of bartending and a desire to learn more about cocktails, spirits, beer, and wine.

How is DCCBG different from the DC Chapter of the USBG?

As a fully local organization, we are not subject to the influence of a national parent association which may dictate how we operate. 100% of the dues paid to the DCCBG go towards funding events for the members here while a rather sizable portion of dues paid to USBG go to the national chapter.

As the original community of DC bar professionals, our network of members is well established and regarded in the DC restaurant industry community.

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